RDP CrackMapExec

Attack RDP protocol with CrackMapExec, brute force logins, take remote screenshots and more...
crackmapexec rdp [-h] [-id CRED_ID [CRED_ID ...]] [-u USERNAME [USERNAME ...]] [-p PASSWORD [PASSWORD ...]] [-k] [--use-kcache] [--export EXPORT [EXPORT ...]]
[--aesKey AESKEY [AESKEY ...]] [--kdcHost KDCHOST] [--gfail-limit LIMIT | --ufail-limit LIMIT | --fail-limit LIMIT] [-M MODULE]
[-o MODULE_OPTION [MODULE_OPTION ...]] [-L] [--options] [--server {http,https}] [--server-host HOST] [--server-port PORT] [--connectback-host CHOST]
[-H HASH [HASH ...]] [--no-bruteforce] [--continue-on-success] [--port PORT] [--rdp-timeout RDP_TIMEOUT] [--nla-screenshot] [-d DOMAIN | --local-auth]
[--screenshot] [--screentime SCREENTIME] [--res RES]
[target ...]
--port PORT Custom RDP port
--rdp-timeout RDP_TIMEOUT
RDP timeout on socket connection
--nla-screenshot Screenshot RDP login prompt if NLA is disabled
-d DOMAIN domain to authenticate to
--local-auth authenticate locally to each target
Remote Desktop Screenshot
--screenshot Screenshot RDP if connection success
--screentime SCREENTIME
Time to wait for desktop image
--res RES Resolution in "WIDTHxHEIGHT" format. Default: "1024x768"